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President & Founder | Financial Advisor

Whether it’s understanding personal income taxes or choosing the right investments, Matt realizes that many Americans lack the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about their financial futures. With a background in accounting, and almost three decades of experience in financial services, Matt and his team are taking action to alleviate this problem. They are working to improve the financial literacy of individuals, families, and business owners in their communities, while counseling clients with various financial needs.

Over the years, Matt realized individuals in his community have misconceptions about money and could benefit from professional advice. Although some have good financial health, others aren’t quite as prepared, knowledgeable, or maximizing the benefits of a sound plan to build and retain wealth. After gaining experience under the umbrella of one of the largest independent broker/dealers in the country, Matt acted on his desire to create his own brand and formed Grand Prairie Financial in 2016. He continues to build his practice while also coaching and mentoring the next generation of Financial Professionals to career success.

Coming from humble beginnings, Matt is familiar with the common feeling of anxiety surrounding money. After his father passed way, Matt recognized his parents did not have proper planning for retirement and to live their best lives. From that moment on, he made it his mission to help make a difference in others’ lives, to educate them on financial matters and navigate options for creating a financially secure today and tomorrow. Matt is committed to changing the course of his clients’ lives so they can avoid similar situations and control their financial future. He believes to improve your monetary health you must first take a hard, realistic look at where you’re currently at; to calculate your net worth and figure out where you stand.

An important aspect of Matt’s practice is getting to know his clients, to understand what is most important to them, what they are working toward and why. Building a lifelong, personal relationship to offer a customized, comprehensive financial plan. His specializes in Income, Medicare, Retirement and Business Planning, empowering clients to be confident in making well informed decisions and taking charge of their financial future. He works to:

  • Ensure that although you may have a good-sized nest egg socked away, you may not have enough to see you through all the years of retirement.
  • Help you pass assets to the next generation and close the wealth gap.
  • Create a comprehensive long-term family financial plan for managing your money as you move through different life stages. It starts with the basics – setting up a budget, paying down debt and saving and includes things like investing for retirement and setting aside money for college.

Mr. Boyles earned B.A. degrees in Finance and Accounting, from the University of Arkansas Monticello (UAM). As a Lonoke, AR native, Matt has a strong sense of community and gives back as an active volunteer and donating his time to pee wee sports, school, and outdoor activities for kids. He is dedicated to his family, friends, and faith.

Matt and his wife, Janette, are raising three beautiful children (Matthew, Caroline, and Andrew) who provide love and laughter to their lives. He is an avid outdoorsman devoted to outdoor recreational activities including hunting, fishing, and spending time at his family’s cabin.