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Chief Operating Officer

Janette and her husband Matt work together to grow their financial services practice. She serves as a key member of the team who provides ‘behind-the-scenes’ support to ensure the success of their business. Matt seeks her input on difficult decisions, where she provides invaluable advice and essential emotional support for continued happiness and prosperity.

The Boyle’s met in high school and attended the University of Arkansas Monticello (UAM) together. Their similar backgrounds drew them together, both being born and raised in Arkansas, and who are dedicated to their family, friends, and faith. Janette’s extended family is extremely important to her as they provide love, laughter, and a sense of community. Now, most of her time is spent raising their three children and participating in their sporting events, dance recitals, and outdoor activities.

Together, the Boyles spend time enriching their community, to broaden perceptions of the world -- giving back to the place she calls home. As a successful socialite, Janette forges relationships within the community, building valuable connections with others and with customers, serving as an ally during client dinners, parties, and VIP events. They operate as a team. Over the years, Janette has gained a unique sense of purpose by serving those around her as the Chairman of her church, helping at local shelters and food banks, supporting women’s community outreach efforts and volunteering with youth activities.

Mrs. Boyles previously worked in the banking industry and in customer service, operations, and marketing roles. Janette joined Grand Prairie Financial in 2016, where she oversees the operations of the business, as well as promotion and advertising efforts. Collaborating with her team, she makes high-level decisions regarding the budget and the direction of the company.

Pursuing personal passions fuels Janette’s enthusiasm, as she devotes her time to spreading goodwill, supporting charitable causes, donating, and raising money to aid their needs. Personally, and professionally, Janette is emotionally supportive of those around her, whether they’re having a major life struggle or just ranting about their work situation – she strives to help make them happier individuals. Mrs. Boyles lives her core values, leads, and influences others, as she works to accomplish her goals and dreams of living a fulfilled life.