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Our Purpose. Why Us?

Our mission is to transform lives through offering meaningful advice and a full-service financial planning experience that supports you needs. After witnessing family, friends, and colleagues struggle to find the proper resources to help meet financial needs, we were inspired to help those around use to be prepared for whatever journey life takes them on. It is rewarding for us to make a difference in others’ lives, to educate them on financial matters and help them to navigate options to create a financially confident today and tomorrow.

We are ardent about helping people align their finances with their values, improve financial decision-making and behavior, and  give confidence…to find the confidence to live the life they want to, while building the legacy they will leave for future generations. We help people achieve their financial goals through quality services, competitive products, and a long-term, trusting, and personal relationship.

There are several reasons Grand Prairie Financial is suitable for you...



Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through life transitions and to financial confidence so you never have to agonize over financial decisions. 



We help you select, monitor, consolidate and simplify your investments, based on impartial
investment research and an individualized asset allocation model created just for you.



We strive to provide exceptional customer support through our relationship-driven service model and innovative financial solutions, resulting in value to our clients.



We treat you like a person, not an account. We proactively stay in touch to monitor your family and life situation and skillfully advise and support you through life transitions

<strong>Our Team</strong>

Our Team

At Grand Prairie Financial, we are a local financial services organization in Arkansas, dedicated to giving back to our community and its citizens. We volunteer as an opportunity to meet lots of new people and work with individuals, families, and business owners to broaden financial knowledge.

Being trusted advisors, we build long-term relationships that extend over multiple generations. We are a team of professionals who have the knowledge and experience to implement financial strategies that adapt to your life stages, changing market cycles, and economic conditions.

Whether you’re just starting out, juggling the demands of mid-life, transitioning to your next act, or defining your legacy, we can support you. Let’s get started together, or refine your strategy, for financial success!

Our Specializations



We'll take a close look at your potential retirement-income sources including qualified-retirement plans, Social Security, personal savings, investments, and more! We can help you assess the amount of retirement income you might need and expect given your current situation.

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When you retire…you will have expenses and may need an income to supplement your retirement savings. We will look beyond Social Security. which may not provide you with the income needed to maintain your current lifestyle.

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Putting in a process to maintain your finances after you leave the workforce, we'll review five key steps: knowing when to start, calculating how much money you'll need, setting priorities, choosing accounts and choosing investments.

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Personal and business finances of business owners are often complex and intertwined enough to demand professional support. We will address two priorities: sustaining your company in the present and exiting successfully in the future.

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Let's See if We Are a Fit...

Review these actionable tips on how to identify the right individual you can work with to pursue your financial goals.